Lower Back Pain Sleeping Advice, part 4

Dear Readers!

Cork Sports Injury Clinic brings you the fourth part of our series of articles advising optimal sleeping positions when experiencing back pain.

Today, we bring you a technique involving sleeping on the front – many people’s favorite!

Sleep on the front face down

A reason sleeping on the front is considered bad is because the head is usually turned to one side. This twists the spine and puts extra stress on the neck, shoulders and back. To avoid this, try lying face down. A small but firm pillow or tightly rolled-up towel can be used to prop up the forehead allowing room to breathe. It should be done in addition to placing a pillow under the stomach.

To adopt this position, you should:

  1. Get into bed and roll onto your front.
  2. Place a flat pillow underneath the abdomen and hips to raise the mid-section.
  3. Position a pillow or rolled-up towel under the forehead to create adequate breathing space.

Stay healthy, keep the back pain in check and, as always, keep a close eye on our blog not to miss the next entry!