3 pronged attack re back /neck pain !!!

chronic painWhen you have bad neck/back pain its not enough to get physio alone
with or without dry needling or even Joint Mobilization.
Any of these alone help but a combination of these 3 treatments plus
therapeutic ultrasound and even Chinese cupping are much more
beneficial and long lasting.
All or any of these treatments are available at NO extra cost.

When the muscles are tight or strained this causes misalignment of joints and may inhibit blood flow and or nutrient delivery causing nerve inflammation and in turn muscle spasm ie a
vicious circle.

For example your SI Joint (pelvis) can be rotated forward or back causing a leg length discrepancy which in turn pulls on erector stabilization muscles within the back structure, Massaging / Dry needling etc before trying to get joint back to its correct and normal position helps immensely but massage or dry needling alone wont treat the underlying cause ie SI joint rotation.

Joint Mobilization after deep tissue work relieves the pain and we stay
back in line longer when the muscles are soft and pliable meaning the
joints stay stable longer.
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