Lower Back Pain Sleeping Advice, part 2

Back pain relief tipsDear Readers!

Cork Sports Injury Clinic brings you the second part of our series of articles advising optimal
sleeping positions when experiencing back pain.

Today, we bring our dear Cork-onians a technique involving sleeping on the back.

Sleep on the back with knee support

Lying on the back is usually considered to be the best sleeping position for a healthy back. This
position evenly distributes weight of the body’s largest surface. It also reduces pressure points and
ensures good alignment of the head, neck and spine.

Placing a small pillow under the knees can provide additional support and maintain the natural
curvature of the spine.

To adopt this position, a person should:

1. Lay flat on their back and avoid twisting the head sideways.
2. Position a pillow to support the head and neck.
3. Place a small pillow under the knees.
4. For additional support, fill any other gaps between the body and mattress with additional
cushions, such as under the lower back.

That’s it for now. Stay healthy, keep the back pain in check and, as always, keep a close eye on our
blog not to miss the next entry!