Benefits of Dry Needling

dry needlingDry needling is rapidly becoming famous among people who look for therapeutic procedure to obtain rid of muscle pain.Filiform needles are utilized to produce trigger points for procedure of several medical status.Few of these are head ache., muscle spasms,nerve pain, tennis elbow and myocardial pain.Some people get confused this with acupuncture, but they are different in terms of performance and rationale.Dry needling is a western culture treatment but acupuncture is a Chinese and Asian medicinal approach.The word is really availed to say the non injection needling.Injection needling involves the hypodermic needles utilized to inject chemicals and some agents such as anesthesia or saline in to the tissues of particular body parts.In dry needling the procedure is held by utilizing needles that offer therapeutic effects while passed in to the tissues of the body.

Western culture approach:

Best filament needles that are same to those availed in acupuncture are used in the procedure.Dry needling is a method where the fine filament needles are placed n an individual’s trigger points.These points are found in various muscles throughout the body and respond to a particular body point.The muscle also produce muscle tension while activated by a needle, assisting to treat the pain an individual is suffering.Relaxation of muscles is made by making pressure on particular pressure areas.Dry needling and acupuncture are different, even though similar kinds of needles are utilized in these two practices.Old Chinese theories are used in acupuncture in that needles are directed in to the energy channels of the body.


When triggered, they will affect or improve the energy flow of an individual.Based on the scientific research, pathophysiology and western medical methods are followed in the process.Needles are placed in the muscles and ligament stimulated points of a body.This leads in lessening the muscle tension and reducing the pain level in a particular place.The outcome in dry needling are very rewarding, though there may be some differences in the outcomes in different patients.The fundamental benefits are it results in lesser soreness, an individual will feel a lesser pain, it may offer long term relief from the pain an individual is experiencing, low number of courses are needed in the total treatment method and it may assist rejuvenate muscles that are not performing properly because of previous damages.

Safe, fast , painless and effective:

If ones muscles are in a healthy status, dry needling treatment will not inure and the individual may not even experience the needle pain also.But in some cases an individual may get an aching feel, a twitching or a slight pinch sensation.Dry needling is availed in the procedure of a different types of musculoskeletal conditions like acute and chronic pain, postural issues and bio mechanical dysfunction.It has been presented by research to be the most safest and effective in treating the pain particularly that associates to neck, back, shoulder and limb pain, it can also help in several cases of sciatic issues and head ache.If you are suffering from this pain, weakness, improper posture and decreased performance, because of work or have looked other doctors without the outcome that you expect it may be time to consider dry needling a try.It is a safe, fast and effective, painless treatment.