Deep Tissue Massage

The Purpose And Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.

deep tissue massageGenerally speaking, a deep tissue massage is a technique that usually focuses on the lower muscle and connective tissue quite thoroughly. Not a massage technique for wimps, deep tissue massage, is characterized by heavy pressure and slower strokes than more traditional massages.
It is a massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue and requires more skill and strength than a Swedish massage. Deep tissue massage is also European in origin, but it is very different from Swedish massage in its focus and effects.

A therapist is said to be applying this type of massage when his or her fingertips are moving in a slow stroking fashion, which is being employed when the grain of the muscle, tendon or fascia is trailed. Slow stroking fashion is also done when pressure is applied to the grains of the fibers. The purpose of deep tissue massage is to release the tension or the built up strain in the fiber. It also creates mechanical change in the body, changing posture and creating freedom of movement by releasing facial adhesion’s and chronic muscle contracture.

Among the benefits of deep tissue massage therapy is relief from pain, relaxed muscles, relief from tension and promotion of healing. Massage therapy also helps the body realign itself, eliminate toxins, help destroy scar tissues, aid in better blood circulation and increase oxygen flow.

As the therapist utilizes slow yet intense strokes, the effects of the massage go deep into the fiber structure and through any superficial layers. Long, slow strokes may be done with the use of the therapist’s forearms, knuckles, fingertips, fists, thumbs, hands and elbows.

Therapists use oil, lotion or a certain cream when applying massage therapy. When done correctly and effectively, the targeted areas will not incur too much pain. There may be a bit of soreness, though, but the positive results will prove to be far more important. A little bit of pain will become trivial if the end results are better, long-lasting and favorable to the health in the long run.

Be warned, however, that this type of therapy can be uncomfortable at times. This would then call for a therapist to first warm the soft tissue before going deep into the fibers. Even with the continuous application of pressure, better or, best results will be achieved if a comprehensive therapeutic program will be followed. Still, simple stretches and other easy exercises which you can learn from the therapist can also bring about good results.