Back and neck pain

back and neck pain Back pain especially in the lower back can inconvenience a person to the point of restricting mobility and interfering the with normal body functioning. Extreme back and neck pain severely affects a person’s quality of life . Neck pain is a result of dysfunction of the cervical vertebrae area of the neck. Neck pain is common because the neck is left unprotected often and is therefore susceptible to injury.

Back and neck pain range from mild to acute and such pain can be intermittent or severe. Back and neck pain is mostly as a result of an underlying medical condition such as trauma, fractures, arthritis, muscle tears and vertebrae degeneration. Other possible causes of back pain include persistent smoking of tobacco, muscle spasms, physically strenuous activity and obesity which puts pressure on the spine. There are several effective techniques that can help in the reduction of neck and back pain such as pr acting appropriate weight lifting methods, maintaining a correct sitting, standing and sleeping posture and avoiding smoking of tobacco. Reducing emotional strain and stress which causes muscle tension also prevents neck and back pain.

Medical experts also recommend the maintenance of a normal body weight to avoid pressure on the spine which leads to neck and back pain. Another effective technique to manage and reduce back pain is a deep tissue massage. The deep tissue massage reduces back and neck pain and other muscular problems by enabling revitalization of muscles to enable proper blood circulation. This enables supply of sufficient oxygenated blood to muscles and consequently aids the healing of soft tissue injuries which are a leading cause of neck and back pain.Deep tissue massages may not resolve the underlying medical issue permanently but this massages are necessary because they relieve neck and back pain to enable patients regain normal functioning while treating the underlying condition.

deep tissue massageApart from being extremely relaxing, deep tissue massages are also a preventative measure that both sports people and non sport people use to avoid the development of severe neck and back pain. Regular deep tissue massages prevent back and neck pain by improving blood circulation. This massage also expel any toxins present in back and neck tissues before these toxins accumulate to a level that is detrimental to muscles. A regular deep tissue massage is therefore beneficial as it is a form of maintenance that prevents soft tissues and muscles in the back and neck from breaking down or getting injured. Individuals who regularly engage in strenuous physical activity should consider getting regular deep tissue massages.