Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue Massage Cork

What is Deep Tissue Massage used for?

Deep tissue massage can be used for a number of reasons. With muscular problems, back pain, neck pain, stagnation can occur in areas of the muscle. Deep Tissue Massage will revitalize these parts of the muscle and gets blood-flow circulating again. This fresh oxygenated blood circulating is a primary reason in the healing of soft-tissue injuries.

When a persons back or neck is in spasm and maybe needs adjustment it is a far better option to work on the muscles first before adjustment. Because these muscles attach onto the vertebrae concerned and fluid pliable musculature makes adjustment easier and more beneficial while relieving pain.
Both sports people and non-sports people often have deep tissue massage done as maintenance. This is to improve circulation and expel toxins before they build up.  This prevents ‘breakdown’ in the future, especially those who train and work a lot as neck or back pain can severely hinder normal functioning.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  • Excretes waste materials from your system
  • Improves circulation
  • Keeps muscles and soft tissue from injury/breakdown.

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